Jessica L. MacDonald, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Program in Neuroscience

Postdoc: Harvard University

PhD: Neuroscience, University of British Columbia

Hons. BSc: Physiology, University of Toronto at Mississauga




Lorelle Parker

Research Technician

B.S. Forensic Science, SUNY

M.S. Clinical Chemistry, RIT

Psy. D. Clinical Psychology, Ryokan College


May Ribeiro

PhD Candidate

BSc: PUC-Campinas, Brazil

Research Interests: My project seeks to investigate disruptions in molecular mechanisms that contribute to Rett syndrome, with a particular focus on the identification of potential therapeutic avenues that could alleviate the symptoms of the condition.


Niko Wagner

Graduate Student

B.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Research Interests: My project focuses on the protein Cited2, and its role in cortical development.  This protein has known functions in other organs, but is novel in the brain.  We aim to explore several aspects of how Cited2 functions in the developing brain, from molecular mechanisms to its effects on behavior as an adult.  In addition, we will explore how those mechanisms and behaviors are altered by maternal nutrition.

Undergraduate Researchers:

Gila Fridkis

Undergraduate Researcher

Jaclyn Jakubowski

Undergraduate Researcher

Camerin Ortiz

Undergraduate Researcher

Research Interests: Camerin is currently a Junior at Syracuse University. She joined the lab because she is interested in genetics and neuroscience. Camerin hopes to pursue a Ph. D in molecular biology.


Alaba Danagogo

Undergraduate Researcher

Lab Alumni:

Hyuck Kim, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD: Seoul National University, Korea, Interdisciplinary Program in Brain Science




Seth Moore

Research Technician

BSc: Cornell University





Karla Quintana

Undergraduate Researcher