Jessica L. MacDonald, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Program in Neuroscience

Postdoc: Harvard University

PhD: Neuroscience, University of British Columbia

Hons. BSc: Physiology, University of Toronto at Mississauga




Lorelle Parker

Research Technician





May Ribeiro

PhD Candidate

BSc: PUC-Campinas, Brazil

Research Interests: My project seeks to investigate disruptions in molecular mechanisms that contribute to Rett syndrome, with a particular focus on the identification of potential therapeutic avenues that could alleviate the symptoms of the condition.


Nikolaus Wagner

Graduate Student


Undergraduate Researchers:

Gila Fridkis

Undergraduate Researcher

Jaclyn Jakubowski

Undergraduate Researcher

Camerin Ortiz

Undergraduate Researcher

Research Interests: Camerin is currently a Junior at Syracuse University. She joined the lab because she is interested in genetics and neuroscience. Camerin hopes to pursue a Ph. D in molecular biology.


Lab Alumni:

Hyuck Kim, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD: Seoul National University, Korea, Interdisciplinary Program in Brain Science




Seth Moore

Research Technician

BSc: Cornell University





Karla Quintana

Undergraduate Researcher